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Alpha-Particle- Irradiation Induced Damaging Intermolecular Energy and Proton Transfer Processes in Hydrogen-Bonded Systems
A Versatile Method to Prepare Functional Hydr... 19-01-07
Neutron Star Cooling with a Dynamic Stellar S... 19-01-07
Generalized isobaric multiplet mass equation ... 19-01-07
Alpha-Particle- Irradiation Induced Damaging ... 19-01-07
Across China: Remote sensing identifies perma... 18-08-09
Research results
Important progress of mononuclear rhenium carbonyl complex in the gas phase
Engineers Reveal Mechanical Properties of Fro... 19-04-26
Aerosols in Polar Ice Sheet Assist to Reconst... 19-04-26
Does elevation-dependent warming hold true ab... 19-04-26
Miocene fire intensification linked to contin... 19-04-26
Iron oxides in the cryoconite of glaciers on ... 19-04-26
The Stock of Soil Organic Carbon in Semiarid ... 19-04-26
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