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International Research Center for Asia Cold-regions Environment and Engineering was founded in Lanzhou
International Research Center for Asia Cold-r... 17-04-24
Prof. WANG Ainqin from LICP Receives IAAM Med... 17-03-22
Cryosphere Sciences Assist the 2022 Olympic W... 17-03-22
The 2st Young Scientist Forum was held in ISL 16-10-14
The thirty-fourth Chinese Mass Spectrometry S... 16-10-14
ISL held the special training of intellectual... 16-09-19
Research results
Vegetation Changes in the Permafrost Regions of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau from 1982-2012: Different Responses Related to Geographical Locations and Vegetation Types in High-Altitude Areas
Recovery of microbial community structure of ... 17-04-24
Soil macropore characteristics following conv... 17-04-24
Soil organic carbon as functions of slope asp... 17-04-24
Tamarix ramosissima stand evapotranspiration ... 17-04-24
Chemical characterization of submicron aeroso... 17-04-24
Vegetation Changes in the Permafrost Regions ... 17-04-24
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