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New understanding of the ore-forming process and distribution r... 18-07-12
ISL made new progress in the study of borate solution structure 18-07-12
Scientists Reveal the Variations in the Northern Permafrost Bou... 18-07-12
Scientists Reveal the Diurnal and Seasonal Variation of Glacier... 18-07-12
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Assist to Evaluate the Spatiotemporal ... 18-07-12
Intriguing Flexible Devices Based On Mechanoluminescence 18-07-12
Variations of Laohugou Glacier No. 12 in the Western Qilian Mou... 18-06-15
The Occurrence and Distribution of Viruses Infecting Lanzhou Li... 18-06-15
Climate Warming Leads to Thermal Degradation of Permafrost in t... 18-04-20
Detection of Spatio-temporal Variability of Air Temperature and... 18-04-20
Dissolved Organic Carbon Fractionation Accelerates Glacier-melt... 18-04-20
Alpine Grassland Productivity Not Sensitive to Climate Warming ... 18-04-20
Progress in Fabrication of Simulated Ceramic Nuclear Fuel Spheres 18-03-22
Water Tower of Central Asia Faces the Challenges from Climate C... 18-03-08
Researchers Analyze Spatial Variations and Sources of Trace Ele... 18-02-27
Evaluation of Near-Surface Wind Speed Simulations over the Tibe... 18-01-29
Discovery of the new isotope 219Np 18-01-11
Fixing the primordial lithium problem in Big Bang Nucleosynthesis 18-01-11
Scientists Reveal the Relationship between Desert Plant on Soil... 17-11-16
Scientists Evaluate the Stability of Sand-Binding Vegetation in... 17-11-16
Scientists Reveal the Variation Processes of Surface Ozone in t... 17-11-16
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