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Contribution of Surface Chemistry to the Shear Thickening of Si... 17-03-22
A new route for synthesis of N-methylimidazolium-grafted silica... 17-03-22
Screening of enzyme inhibitors from traditional Chinese medicin... 17-03-22
Screening of enzyme inhibitors from traditional Chinese medicin... 17-03-22
Surface modification of hybrid-fabric composites with amino sil... 17-03-22
Probing the lubricating mechanism of oil-soluble ionic liquids ... 17-03-22
Bi2MoO6 nanosheet array modified with ultrathin graphitic carbo... 17-03-22
Synthesis of SAPO-18/34 intergrowth zeolites and their enhanced... 17-03-22
Superlubricity of hydrogenated carbon films in a nitrogen gas e... 17-03-22
Colorful Superamphiphobic Coatings with Low Sliding Angles and ... 17-03-22
Inorganic Adhesives for Robust Superwetting Surfaces 17-03-22
Engineering-scale superlubricity of the fingerprint-like carbon... 17-03-22
A three-dimensional graphene oxide supramolecular hydrogel for ... 17-03-22
Effects of sliding speed and testing temperature on the tribolo... 17-03-22
Electrospinning Synthesis of Mesoporous MnCoNiOx@Double-Carbon ... 17-03-22
Photocatalytic Asymmetric Epoxidation of Terminal Olefins Using... 17-03-22
CO2 as a C1 Source: B(C6F5)(3)-Catalyzed Cyclization of o-Pheny... 17-03-22
Demulsification of heavy oil-in-water emulsions by reduced grap... 17-03-22
Comparison of tribocorrosion behavior between 304 austenitic an... 17-03-22
Growth of Mo2C nanoparticles on graphene as lubricant filler fo... 17-03-22
Effects of NaCl concentration on wear–corrosion behavior of SA... 17-03-22
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