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Precipitation Underlies Longitudinal Variation Cline in Seed Si... 22-09-05
Scientists Report a Solar Energetic Particle Event Observed by ... 22-08-15
Study Reveals Key Genes Involved in Cellulolytic Enzymes Regula... 22-08-04
Important progress made in the research on key technologies for... 22-07-22
Genotyping-by-sequencing and genome-wide association study reve... 22-06-24
Physicists Reinvestigate Nuclear Excitation by Electron Capture... 22-06-24
Researchers Develop a Low-background Neutron Detector Array 22-06-22
Researchers Explore New Method for Glacial Melt Reduction 22-06-20
Study Reveals Leaf Calorific Value and Its Influencing Factors ... 22-06-20
New Method Helps Exfoliate Hexagonal Boron Nitride Nanosheets 22-06-20
New Proton Capture Reaction Rate of Copper-57 Changes Nucleosyn... 22-06-20
Researchers Reveal Nanohardness and Microstructure Evolution of... 22-06-06
Researchers Release Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiomet... 22-06-01
Study Reveals How Alpine Grasslands Respond to Climate Change a... 22-05-27
Researchers Develop New Method to Enrich Uranium in Seawater 22-05-27
Researchers Discover New Isotope Thorium-207 and Odd-Even Stagg... 22-05-27
Study Reveals High Turnover and Rescue Effect of a Scaffold Pro... 22-05-23
Microplastics Threaten Typical Remote Cryospheric Regions 22-05-23
Vegetation Biomass Affects Soil Microbial Distribution and Asse... 22-05-09
Precipitation Changes Alter Species Diversity and Ecosystem Mul... 22-05-07
Climate Warming Will Not Change Greenhouse Gas Emission of Bioc... 22-05-05
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