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Researchers Report a Surface Modification Method to Improve Cor... 22-04-28
New Proton Capture Rate of Arsenic-65 Changes Periodic Thermonu... 22-04-27
Researchers Reveal Climate Response of Shrub Plantation in Diff... 22-04-26
Researchers Estimate Trends and Variability in Snowmelt in China 22-04-21
First Mass Measurement with Rare-RI Ring Reveals Fine Structure... 22-04-19
Researchers Reveal Stability Maintenance and Sustainable Manage... 22-04-14
Researchers Reveal Variations in Arctic Amplification Effect du... 22-04-12
Scientists Probe Nature of Reported Low-spin Wobbling Bands in ... 22-04-07
Researchers Publish New Permafrost Map of Northern Hemisphere 22-03-30
Researchers Report New Method for Iridium-catalyzed C(sp3)-H Bo... 22-03-28
Captivity Shifts Gut Microbiota Communities in White-Lipped Dee... 22-03-28
Researchers Observe Transverse Wobbling Bands in Neodymium-136 22-03-28
Researchers Reveal Effects of Extreme Warming Events on Hydroth... 22-03-28
LICP Develops a Novel Non-piezoelectrical Interfacial Triboelec... 22-03-25
Near-surface Wind Speed Trend in China Significantly Decrease d... 22-03-25
New Study Helps to Prepare Low Specific Activity 99Mo/99mTc Gen... 21-11-03
LICP prepares high entropy alloys based high temperature solar ... 21-11-03
Scientists Reveal Effects of Biotic and Abiotic Factors on Stem... 21-07-07
Study Sheds Light on Stellar Origin of 60Fe 21-05-15
Scientists Reveal Responses of Different Biocrusts to Warming a... 21-05-15
Scientists Establish a New Model of α-cluster Formation in Hea... 21-02-26
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