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A Possibility to Estimate Wind Erosion from Construction Works 17-07-11
New Perspective on Vegetation Phenology Variability Based on Ti... 17-07-11
Study on the coordinated development of ecosystem and socio-eco... 17-07-11
Review on Montane Forest Eco-hydrology in Arid Area 17-07-11
Graphene nano scrolls responding to superlow friction of amorph... 17-07-11
Multifunctional hollow superhydrophobic SiO2 microspheres with ... 17-07-11
One-pot synthesis of reduced graphene oxide/molybdenum disulfid... 17-07-11
Melamine-assisted to fabricate pure α-Fe2O3 polyhedron with hi... 17-07-11
Tuning the Hydration and Lubrication of the Embedded Load-Beari... 17-07-11
Assembly of Diversely Substituted Quinolines via Aerobic Oxidat... 17-07-11
Selective-releasing-affected lubricant mechanism of a self-asse... 17-07-11
Enhanced optical properties of TiN-based spectrally selective s... 17-07-11
Robust micro-nanoscale flowerlike ZnO/epoxy resin superhydropho... 17-07-11
Fluorinated Candle Soot as the Lubricant Additive of Perfluorop... 17-07-11
One-pot synthesis of hierarchical Bi2S3-MoS2 nanosheet array wi... 17-07-11
Visible-to-ultraviolet Upconvertion: Energy transfer, material ... 17-07-11
High efficient solar hydrogen generation by modulation of Co-Ni... 17-07-11
Biomimetic polymeric superhydrophobic surfaces and nanostructur... 17-07-11
Novel High-Performance Polyimide Inks for 3D Printing, a Great ... 17-07-11
Climate warming destabilize Tibetan Alpine Grasslands 17-06-15
Review on Montane Forest Eco-hydrology in Arid Area 17-06-15
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