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Peroxidase-like activity of FeVO4 nanobelts and its analytical ... 16-12-14
Influence of Competitive Adsorption on Lubricating Property of ... 16-12-14
Influences of Space Irradiations on the Structure and Propertie... 16-12-14
Room-temperature fabrication of a three-dimensional reduced-gra... 16-11-24
Solvatochromic Coatings with Self-Cleaning Property from Palygo... 16-11-24
Oxygen-content Controllable Graphene Oxide Preparation Achieved 16-11-24
One-Pot Synthesis of Ordered Mesoporous NiSiAl Oxides for Catal... 16-11-04
Selective aromatization of biomass derived diisobutylene to p-x... 16-11-04
Dual-Triggered and Thermally Reconfigurable Shape Memory Graphe... 16-11-04
Structure, optical properties and thermal stability of TiC-base... 16-11-04
Conducting polymer PPy nanowire-based triboelectric nanogenerat... 16-11-04
Methylation of Promoter of RBL1 Enhances the Radioresistance of... 16-11-04
Metagenomic Profiles of Antibiotic ResistanceGenes Associated w... 16-10-14
Investigation of Post-deposition Annealing Effects on Microstru... 16-09-19
Asymmetric Michael Addition of Aldimino Esters with Chalcones C... 16-09-19
AgNO3 as nitrogen source for rhodium(III)-catalyzed synthesis o... 16-09-19
New sesquiterpenes and benzofuran derivatives from the aerial p... 16-09-19
Facile fabrication of well-defined polyaniline microtubes deriv... 16-09-19
Radiation Induces Premature Chromatid Separation by MiR-142-3p/... 16-09-19
Progress in rainfall interception by sand-fixed shrubs 16-08-25
Synthesis effects of Cr and Ag on the tribological properties o... 16-08-25
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