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Sixth conference of Nuclear Theory in Supercomputing Era held in Lanzhou
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The sixth conference of Nuclear Theory in the Supercomputing Era (NTSE-2023) was successfully held from June 4 to 6 in Lanzhou, China.


The NTSE Conference is an important series of conferences in the field of first-principles calculation in nuclear physics. As the supercomputer technology makes significant advances, the research on the first-principles calculation of nuclear physics has ushered in unprecedented opportunities. The conference aims to promote the exchange of the latest results and further cooperation among researchers in the field of first-principles calculation in nuclear physics.


The conference was organized by the Institute of Modern Physics (IMP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)Previous conferences were held in Russia, the United States and South KoreaIt is the first time that the NTSE conference was held in China. Nearly 50 experts, scholars and graduate students participated in the on-site meeting, and around 50 experts and scholars from North America, South America, Europe, Asia and other regions participated remotely.


Professor James P. Vary and Professor Pieter Maris from Iowa State University, Professor Andrey M. Shirokov from Lomonosov Moscow State University, Professor Alexander Mazur from Pacific National University, Professor Petr Navratil from TRIUMF, Professor Stanley Brodsky from Stanford University, Professor Mark Caprio from the University of Notre Dame, Professor Evgeny Epelbaum from Ruhr-Universit?t Bochum, Professor Jerry Draayer from Louisiana State University, Professor XU Furong from Peking University, Professor LI Yang from the University of Science and Technology of China, and other experts shared their latest results and ideas in nuclear physics and conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on future cooperative research in the conference.


In the opening ceremony of this conference, the Deputy Director of IMPProfessor ZHAO Hongwei, presented the certificate of the President’s International Fellowship Initiative (PIFI) award for distinguished scientists from CAS to Professor James P. Vary. This prestigious award is to recognize his outstanding achievements in theoretical nuclear physics, and to appreciate his long-term support and guidance for the first-principles nuclear theory team in IMP.


Organizing committee:




LAN Jiangshan, IMP, CAS

XU Furong, Peking University

James P. Vary, Iowa State University

Andrey M. Shirokov, Lomonosov Moscow State University

Vladimir A. Karmanov, Russian Academy of Sciences

Alexander Mazur, Pacific National University

Figure 1. Professor ZHAO Hongwei presented the certificate of PIFI award for distinguished scientists from CAS to Professor James P. Vary. (Image by IMP)


Figure 2. Group photo (Image by IMP)

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