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Kang Shichang from CAREERI Visited ISL with Research Team
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Invited by ISL, Kang Shichang (100 Talents Program of CAS, Distinguished Young Scientists), the dean of State Key Laboratory of Cryospheric Sciences, and Yi Shuhua (100 Talents Program of CAS) visited ISL with their research team.

On 6th Mar, lectures titled “Ice of Tibetan plateau and the global change” and “The emulator research of influence from cold area soil feature to frozen soil” were given by Kang Shichang and Yi Shuhua, separately. Kang firstly introduced the development of State Key Laboratory of Cryospheric Sciences, and explained the work in the record of atmospheric environment and ice core atmospheric environment later on. Doctor Yi introduced the main influence factors to North American forest, north tundra and carried on simulate research.

After the lectures were given, Kang team visited the exhibition hall and test department of ISL. The future cooperation between ISL and CAREERI was discussed. The cooperation and scientific interchange between Salt Lake Resources and Chemistry Laboratory and State Key Laboratory of Cryospheric Sciences were discussed and arranged by Lai zhongpin and Kang Shichang.

Kang Shichang, researcher, doctoral supervisor, 100 Talents Program of CAS, achieves National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. He is the dean of State Key Laboratory of Cryospheric Sciences. At present, he holds the position of vice editor in chief of “Atmospheric Research”, the editorial member of “Sciences in Cold and Arid Regions”. He mainly works on the record research of glacioclimatology and ice core atmospheric environment research.

Yi Shuhua, researcher, doctoral supervisor, graduated from McMaster University with a doctoral degree. He was chosen as 100 Talents Program of CAS in 2009. The paper about influence of humus horizon on perennial frozen soil written by his research team were highlighted introduced by NATURE website and were published by many medium such as UPI. Lately, those papers were quoted by the second group of IPCC AR5.

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