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Curator of Qinghai Land and Resources Museum visited ISL
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In the afternoon of May 13th, Huang Chaohui, Curator of Qinghai Land and Resources Museum (QLRM) visited ISL organized by the Youth Innovation Promotion Association.

This forum mainly focused on how to propagandize of achievements of ISL to the public, and how to provide professional support to the build of QLRM. Huang Chaohui introduced the compositions, functions and historical changes of QLRM. Its main functions are scientific research achievements exhibition and geological mining data management of Qinghai province. Then director of ISL information center introduced construction of science popularization facilities and propaganda of science popularization. Gao Dandan made a brief introduction of salt lake resource developments. Liu Xiangjun gave a report on the formation and evolution of Qinghai Lake and ancient environmental change of Qaidam Basin.

Finally, Huang Chaohui said, QLRM is willing to provide science popularize platform for ISL to exhibit and propagandize the achievements of ISL. He also hoped that researchers of ISL could provide constructive suggestions on the construction of QLRM to help them to build a top museum of northwest China.

Reports during the forum

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