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ISL held scientific inquiry activity to guide the students experience the micro-scientific research
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On June 5th, more than 60 students and teachers from Beijing 101 middle school come to ISL to carry out scientific inquiry activities. The scientific inquiry activities organized by the information center and technology office, aimed to arouse students' ability to observe and discover problems, enhanced their interest in nature science, enhanced the comprehensive understanding of scientific research, develop a serious and rigorous scientific attitude, improve team work awareness and communication skills through a team based approach, meanwhile, propagandaed ISL to national outstanding young students, and to expand the social influence of ISL.

In the morning, students went into the exhibition room, known about the ISL established background, historical contribution, important work being carried out at present Lakes, salt lakes resources overview, and the important role in agriculture, chemical industry, national defense and other fields by the multimedia and interpretation by the teacher. The students have a strong interest in the science and technology of salt lakes, admiration for the great contribution made by salt lakes scientists in the hard environment.

In the afternoon, under the guidance of the scientific research instructors, students experienced a research process that classifies into ten groups according to their personal interest. In order to check the effectiveness of scientific inquiry activities, meanwhile, give students a chance to show themselves and to communicate with each others, after the scientific inquiry activities, all the ten research groups given a report at the six floor conference room of Qinghai institute of Salt Lakes. During the report, research agree that the students to carry out scientific research work shows the scientific interest, creative methods and innovative thinking ability and other applications greatly exceeded expectations.

The middle school students entered the research institute to participate in scientific inquiry activities, they established a lofty ambition to engage in scientific research, got the ability to use knowledge and solve problems. At the same time, they can understand the connotation of the subject of the experiment, so that they can choose their enjoy and suitable subject for further study.

The students visited the ISL exhibition center

Scientific inquiry activity scene

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