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The leaders of Xuzhou Coal Mine Group visited ISL
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June 29, Zhongsheng Chen, deputy chief engineer of Xuzhou Coal Mine Group, Ji Wu, the chairman of Xuzhou Coal Mine Group Zhongzhuang branch, and the leaders of Qinghai province science and technology office and Hainan District technology bureau visited ISL.

They visited the exhibition halls, learned about the development history of ISL and the main research field. Then, they made a further discussion with researchers of ISL on development of lithium resources in salt lake.

Zhijian Wu, the Deputy Director of ISL, welcomed Zhongsheng Chen and others to visit ISL, and thanked to the cooperation intentions. Zhongsheng Chen introduced the general situation, the industrial structure and the way of transformation of Xuzhou Coal Mine Group, and pointed out the main purpose is to explore cooperation with ISL in the lithium resources development, and hope to make full use of ISL advantages in aspects of scientific research, scientific research personnel, effectively promoted the transfer of the relevant achievements transformation. Yan Li, deputy director of the high-tech department of Qinghai province science and technology office, gave a detailed introduction on the method of extracting lithium from brine, lithium battery materials, and lithium chemical industry.

On the meeting,related scientific researcher of ISL introduced the scientific research achievements and the ongoing projects. The two sides had carried on the full communication on the utilization of salt lake lithium resources and development and so on, and had reached broad consensus on the communication and cooperation in details.

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