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Qinghai Provincial Party Secretary Guosheng Wang inspected ISL
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July 26, Guosheng Wang, the secretary of the Qinghai Provincial Committee of the CPC, inspected ISL. Yubo wang, secretary-general of the Secretariat of the CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee, Liming Wang, Qinghai's vice-governor, deputy secretary general of the CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee, Haikun Wu, Qinghai Province Development and Reform Commission head, Yuan Xie, Qinghai Department of Science and Technology head and Wenhui Song, Team Leader of the Discipline Inspection Commission of LZB accompanyed Guoshang Wang investigations and studies.

During the inspection, Guosheng Wang and other accompanying personnel visited science and technology exhibition hall and Salt Lake chemical analysis and test center. In exhibition hall, Zhijian Wu, deputy director of ISL, introduced the general situation of ISL, main achievements of scientific research work, talent team construction, scientific research and supporting platform construction, the construction of innovative culture, etc. During the reporting communication, Guosheng Wang highly appreciated the achievements of ISL in the salt lake science and technology research and development. He pointed out that all the developments and achievements of ISL were the result of ISL scientific researchers, hard work and unremitting efforts. It is against the spirit of "salt lake", generations of scientific and technological researchers according to the national strategic demands and local economic and social development needs, had made an important contribution for the development and comprehensive utilization of salt lake resources.

At the end of the inspection of ISL, Guosheng Wang conveyed the gratitude of Qinghai provincial government to CAS and LZB, gave the regards for all the cadres, the scientific researcher and the retired comrades for their contributions to the development of local and national economy. And he expressed the hope that all the members of ISL make persistent efforts in the future work and make contribute to the development of Salt Lake science and technology.

Wang visited the ISl

Wang visited the lab

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