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ISL held the special training of intellectual property rights
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On August 26, ISL invited the general manager of Jilin Zhongke Yinghuayingzhi Intellectual Property Ltd. Wang Yu, and deputy general manager Zou Zhide to the intellectual property training. The training aimed to let the researchers master patent mining methods, familiar with the layout of patent strategy, patent operation concept and trend. Chaired by the deputy director Wang Yongyan, laboratory of scientific research personnel, graduate students of nearly 50 people participated in the training.

Wang Yu gave a system introduce about the idea of patent mining, common methods of patent mining, the function and significance of patent layout, and the definition and operation mode, also he stressed the issues need to be paid attention to. Zou Zhide made a deep analysis on what is the patent operation, how the United States’ and China’s patent works, and also about the patent comparative analysis and development trends.

From the shallower to the deeper, the systematic training curriculum got significant effect. It not only satisfied the researchers’ requirements to study the basic knowledge of intellectual property, also had a lot of practical application in scientific research information, which laid the foundation for the future to better carry out intellectual property management and transfer work.

With the rapid growth of patents application in recent years, the amount of authorization, licensing and transfer is rising. To improve the patent work efficiency and promote the transformation, subsequent the institute will combine with actual, holding more targeted intellectual property training activities.

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