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The 2st Young Scientist Forum was held in ISL
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 On Sep 13, ISL held the second Young Scientist Forum organized by the Youth Innovation Promotion Association which aimed at promoting the exchange academic ideas between the young scientists and enhancing cooperation among the different disciplines. The forum based on the experience of the success the first forum, actively encouraging youth under age 35 scientific research personnel to participate in, showing their academic achievements and accumulated experience in scientific research, sharing their own new ideas, promoting the communication of thoughts in different disciplines youth science and technology talent, and seeking potential and possible interdisciplinary collaboration.

The forum invited professor Guangliang Hou, who is the professor in Qinghai Normal University, has made the titled “prehistoric whirlpool -- rambling northwest horse house painted pottery kiln”. The forum had 16 academic reports in total. After the reports, the judges selected 7 excellent reports, the first prize awarded to Zhang Xiangru, the second prizes awarded to Gao Dandan, Wang Yabin, and the third prizes awarded to Zhou Yongquan, Xie Shaolei, Li Dongdong and Lv Shuang. Finally, Li Fafu issued the Honor Certificate.

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