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New progress in multiscale structures construction on porous si... 09-11-12
New Progress in Tunable Adhesion on Material Surface Made by LICP 09-11-12
Device of Harmless Treatment of Toxic Chemical Liquid Waste Suc... 09-10-26
New progress in morphology-dependent activity of silver nanostr... 09-10-22
First Prototype of a Super Conducting Dipole Magnet for the Sup... 09-09-26
New Progress in Asymmetric Epoxidation of Olefins with Chiral B... 09-09-26
New Method for the Determination of Melamine Residues in Milk P... 09-09-01
New Progress in Multiscale Structures Construction on Porous Si... 09-09-01
8th Cross-Strait Academic Conference on Catalysis Held in Lanzhou 09-08-27
Breakthrough in Friction and Wear Behavior of Ultra-High Molecu... 09-08-27
Northwest Institute of Plateau Biology of the Qinghai-Tibet Pla... 09-08-27
Ionic liquid lubricants: designed chemistry for engineering app... 09-07-31
Alpine Meadow Ecosystem and Global Change, 2008 09-07-31
Great Breakthrough Achieved in Preparation of Highly Flexible C... 09-07-19
Great Breakthrough in the New Synthesis Technology of Trioxane ... 09-07-19
Plant Molecular Biology and Transgene Research of NICP 09-07-19
High-Yield Physiological and Ecological Studies of NIPB 09-07-19
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